Strata Reports

Strata Records

If you are buying into strata property, it's important that you know the history. There are many issues that may come up as the new owner for you will be responsible for any defects, delinquent levies or the bankruptcy of a corporate body. You may even discover there are unresolved disputes over individual lots, adding to your woes as a new owner.

If you are buying into a shopping center, store of apartment buildings, your first objective is in uncovering the records of the previous owner. The owner's corporation, or corporate body, is the governing body of the community that collects the levies for the general fund and decides how much should be spent on taxes, property improvements, maintenance, security and on a savings or sinking funds. Knowing how well financial matters were handled can save you from bankruptcy on your new purchase.

A strata inspections report includes the private, as well as the public records to inform you on the degree of solvency within the corporation and how well they managed their financial responsibilities in collecting levies, and in paying their bills and invoices on time. Your report will tell you if there are any outstanding debts, if the bills are all current and if there may be cause for substantial expenditures in the future.

Strata Compliance Report (Owners Corporation)

Your OH&S Reports, or safety reports, will alert you to any issues that could create an occupational or safety hazard. The more complex the building you're buying into, the greater the need for accurate, detailed information. Safety hazards are often related to inadequate implementation of fire safety controls, such as the need for more fire extinguishers, alarm systems or even sprinkler systems in large buildings. Other hazards can include non-safety glass, unsafe banisters and handrails, the presence of asbestos and even toxic chemicals in the soil.

Strata Sinking Fund Report (Owners Corporation)

Sydney Building Reports provide a 10–15 year maintenance schedule, with the costs estimate and budget required for each year. Sydney Building Reports provide information on sinking funds, building defects and OH&S Reports. Before investing in strata property, call Sydney Building Reports at 9416 0455 for detailed information that will help you make a decision on the practical aspects of your investment.

Strata Defects Report (Owners Corporation)

We can provide a comprehensive building defects report identifying issuers of non compliance with the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards for structural and non structural defects for Home Warranty Insurance and Building Claims.

Call us today to organise your inspection on 9416 0455.

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