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In the state capital of New South Wales, Sydney, real estate is a big deal. How can you risk making a poor investment choice when so much is on the line? This is why Sydney Building Reports offers high-class services regarding Building Inspections in Epping. Alongside the essential building inspection, the facility offers a wide range of other services like building expert witness reports, building defect reports, dilapidation inspection reports, home warranty reports, maintenance reports, strata records reports, construction progress inspections, sinking fund strata reports and many others.

The top priority of Sydney Building Reports is to make it all clear for you and familiarise you with all the problems and solutions—as well as the costs associated with repairs.  Selling or buying a property is never simple as we tend to think it is, or it should be.  No one’s going to give you potentially bad information.  In fact, sellers might not even know of any issues to report to you.  Don’t take chances.  Find out the truth before finalising a sale.


The importance of a building inspection cannot be over emphasised.  If you want to attract clients as a seller or provide a good home for yourself and your family as a buyer, you need to be sure that you are dealing with a nice home and there aren’t any hidden issues like infestation, below code quality building, electrical problems, and other potential problems that could cost you thousands more.

Sydney Building Reports can assure you of what you have to deal with. Inspectors can analyse a property quickly and thoroughly.  Usually, the report doesn’t take more than a day to be completed.

Work of Inspectors

Typical estimations concern weakness at the property’s materials, issues with maintenance, material ravaging insects, fungal decay, levels of moisture and others. All of this will be handled through expert work combined with uses of modern tools like moisture meters and thermal photography, which will allow the inspectors to give the most accurate of results, diagnosis and therefore solutions for your property. Places that are usually the subject of investigation are the roof, the floor, the walls, the gardens and any other areas within the house, which might be or are filthy, broken, and old or offer conditions which are potentially comfortable for the formations and the existence of pests or any other sort of potentially damaging issues.


The final report you receive will be backed up with photographic work and clearly written explanations regarding the problems and the solutions. You will receive a full report with all the details and conclusions, generally within 24 hours of the inspection. Essentially, the inspection will be done quickly, regardless of the condition of the property.

The questions you need answered and the obstacles that could be blocking you will be explained in detail and for a competitive price.

Sydney Building Reports offers skilled, experienced and completely objective inspections and reports, giving you clear information about the property before you sign anything!

Feel free to contact us via telephone by calling 1300 885 179 with your property enquiries so you can get started as soon as possible.

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